I note down my work assignments in an excel everyday. I wanted to automate this into a UI, which will automatically write the user input to excel. This can be achieved using Apache POI.

But my lazy brain just chose to write into a txt file which is easier.

I used Java Swings for the UI. There is scope for lot of improvement which I thought I can include in version 2. But then again, I got lazy and thought ” what’s the point of using swings which is almost extinct, JavaFX is already here”. So I only have version 1 code :-/

I have uploaded work_v1.jar here. You just need java in your machine to run it.

Following is the screenshot of how the UI looks. It picks the system date automatically, takes input from user about work assignments. All the work assignments go to the ToDo section automatically. Once a work item is done, user can move it from ToDo to Done by clicking on “Done=>” button. “ToDo<=” button will do the vice versa. On clicking the “Save” button, the entire data is saved to a txt file in your D drive

Complete demo recording:

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