I was in a cab going to work. I was sitting by the window side. Seated beside me was my husband.

I was plugged in and was listening to “Mirrors” by Justin Timberlake. It’s one of my favourite songs. I love the lyrics of the song.

You know how you sit by the window side listening to music and pretend(mentally) to be in that music video?

It was something like that.

Suddenly I related that song to my husband…I don’t want to lose you now, I’m looking right at the other half of me…

And I was overwhelmed for the first time by the entire lyrics meaning which I already knew by heart.

I looked at my husband and all our happy memories flashed inside my over-imaginative brain. I had this sudden surge of love for my husband.

I took an earphone and plugged it into my husband’s ear so that he can also listen to Mirrors. I replayed the song.

Half way till the song, my husband was listening intently to it. I was wondering if he is also feeling the same way I was.

And then he said these words:

“What the hell is this? Change it.”


Yep, men will be men.

After that, I snatched my earphone from him.

I switched to Macarena and enjoyed mindless lyrics till our journey came to an end.

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