Following is my ideal diet plan and someday I will follow it hopefully.

1. Have lemon,chia seeds and honey with warm water first thing in the morning at 6. Soak the chia seeds overnight in water and use it in this mixture. Lemon+honey helps in digestion. Chia seeds are known to be a super food.

2. Have a fruit by 7.30 AM. Breakfast with coffee(sugarless) by 9. In general breakfast is muesli, bran, oats idli, oats dosa, boiled egg sandwich, french toast. In addition to this have dry prunes, blue berry and dates.

3. Have dry fruits at 11.30. 2 almonds, 2 pistachios, 1 cashew, 1 dry date, 1 dry fig, 1 raisin, 1 cranberry, 1 gojiberry(The reason for the sweet items to be in less quantity is because I am conscious about the sugar intake)

4. Have 2 chapatis + curry as lunch by 1.30 PM. This is followed by buttermilk.

5. Have fruits at 4 PM. Office cafeteria’s fruit plate generally includes watermelon, papaya, pineapple, apple, grapes, guava, banana, sapota,etc.

6. Dinner by 8.30 PM. This is usually a light tiffin item like idli, dosa, upma, poha, puffed rice upma etc.

7. In between, whenever hungry, have muti grain with dry fruits snack bar. I have posted this recipe in this blog post.

Avoid rice as much as possible and have it on weekends for lunch.

But in general, I miss a few steps of this diet, like most of them.

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