This section is for people who are ready to spend some time and effort in designing the gift. 

For other kind of gifts, please refer to Part-1 and Part-2 posts.

  • Open When letters: 

Give this at least 2 months time. You can jot down all your thoughts in a notepad first and keep editing and adding more content. Finally when you think that you have got everything noted down, then officially write them down on a paper. You can add some doodles/cut out funny pics/ your photos etc. I would have added photos of the letter contents too if only somebody has bothered to read them all at least after 5 months of the gift date. But as that is not the case and as I still hope that the giftee will read them all someday, I don’t want to post the spoilers here.

  •  Customized gifts with photos: 

Photo Collage

Photo Book

Photo Magnet

Photo on cup

Photo puzzle

Photo made of tiny photos

Photo album.

Heart shape photo puzzle here

Photo magnet here

Heart photo magnet here

Photo book here

Customized clock here

  • Youtube playlist

PS: Make sure the giftee actually likes to listen to new music or any music at all.

I took 2 days to create a initial playlist and then I kept on adding some or the other favourite song whenever I remembered one.

  • DIY cards

You can check this blog post for DIY cards.

  • Scrapbook

This needs lot of effort, probably more than what is needed for Open When letters. This is because scrapbooking may involve in making waterfall card, slider card, etc within the book. But you can also outsource this these days. You can provide the photos and get a handmade scrapbook.

  • Candles/balloons

  • Cake

  • Photos on string lights

  • Video with all wishes: 

Now this needs lot of patience and effort. Because for the other activities, all you need is self-motivation. But for this, you need to motivate lot of lazy or even indifferent friends/relatives to send their wishes over a video. If you are good at follow up and nagging, then may be you can pull this off.

10. If it’s a group gift, then you can scribble your code words, internal jokes, doodle funny incidents, etc on a card or a paper signed by everyone.

  • Sketch something:

That’s all I can remember 🙂

I can finally conclude the gift ideas posts with this post!

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