How many times have you brainstormed for days to think of the perfect gift to give to your loved ones or for okayish gifts to give to okayish people?

I have been there. Infinite times. So I have listed all the gifts I either gave or received here so that you can plagiarize my gift ideas(btw which I may have plagiarized from somewhere else)

Huge budget: 

  •  Car:

Of course, I couldn’t afford it as I am paid in peanuts and had to take a loan. I gifted this to my parents for their anniversary. I took some friends’ help and parked it secretly at our apartments before a day and showed it to my parents on their anniversary day

  •  Iphone

PS: Make sure the giftee is not an android fan.

  • Gold/Platinum/Diamond:

Earrings, necklace, bangles and ring for her

Couple rings..for couple(duh!)

  • Vacation

If someone has wanderlust, then this will be an awesome gift. Vacation packages in general are expensive and going on a vacation without the burden of expenses is a really awesome feeling.

I was taken on a surprise trip to Kerala on my birthday 🙂

  • DSLR

Again if someone travels a lot, DSLR is useful to capture beautiful shots. Even if the giftee is horrible at taking a good pic, at least accidentally he/she may occassionally take a good one. So have faith.

Bought it from amazon. You can find it here

Please check Part-2 for medium or less budget ideas.

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