If you are bored or if you want to make something handmade for your friends/family, then DIY cards are fun and easy to make. I made the following cards, they are pretty self explanatory.

Popsicle card

Originally I had intended this card to be a folding card. That’s why I pasted the cards onto the Popsicle sticks. In general a folding card on sticks is made by cutting the cards into strips first and then sticking them to sticks using tape. But I didn’t use tape and I directly glued them to sticks, thinking that I can cut them to strips after that. That was a stupid decision. They just fell apart. So I had to come up with the idea of turning them into a puzzle. I just shuffled all the sticks which now had card strips glued to them and tied them all together with a satin ribbon. That was clumsy, but hey it worked.

To make the card, I just used chart papers and sketch pens. I googled some funny pics and drew them on chart paper and cut them along the borders. Then I glued them on a contrast background chart paper. Again, it’s a bad idea to use this kind of multiple layered charts for folding card. Because when you cut through the card, the figures that were pasted do not get cut neatly.

Chart paper cards:

All the below cards are made after watching this youtube video. It is already shown in the video how to make these cards. I tried to make it as good as the video’s.

Those balloons are supposed to be made with buttons to get a 3D effect, but I didn’t have any colourful buttons, so I just used chart papers only to make balloons.

Snowman made using cotton and satin ribbon.

This minion card is fun to make. You can use googly eyes for the minion’s eyes to give it a more googly look. I have made a butterfly card and stick it inside the minion card. Lollypop is used to make the butterfly’s head.

Basically you can experiment with any kind of material and anything fun to sketch šŸ™‚

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